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Buffalo lion fight Kruger Park

Action in the Kruger National Park resolved in a impressive movie. A lion was flipped five metres into the air by a buffalo in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. The buffalo bull was conducting a daring rescue mission in a bid to save his friend from certain death. Two young lions had been silently stalking the buffalo for about 45 minutes when one finally made its move. But the predator [...]

10 reasons to visit South Africa

Why should go on a holiday to South Africa? Here you'll find 10 reasons why you should visit South Africa and experience this wonderful country. 1. Affordable This is an especially compelling reason to visit South Africa. One dollar currently trades for about seven Rand and it usually hovers somewhere between six and seven Rand per Dollar. The Rand is even weaker in comparison to the British Pound (14 Rand per 1 [...]