When you go on a Safari in the Kruger National park you have the possibility to sleep there. Of course this is mandatory and a fair amount of tourists prefer the luxury and comfort of a holiday home nearby the Kruger Park above the basic comfort offered sleeping in the national park. Though waking up by the roaring of lions and howling of hyenas, is that not the dream of every European?

When you spend just one day in the Kruger park you will be rated as a“day visitor”. Sleeping in the Kruger park means you are a “night visitor”. You need to pay an entry fee for the amount of your visiting day(s) in the park.

Olifant in het Krugerpark - Zuid-Afrika

Sleeping in the world famous Kruger National Park

As a tourist you can sleep safely and comfortable, in so called Rest Camps in nearly all national parks and nature reserves. The accommodation is sober but well thought about and vary within each park of rest camp.Buffalo in het Krugerpark - Zuid-Afrika For those who sleep in the Kruger Park will probably sleep in a ‘rondawel’ (rondavel): round chalets built within a circle. Most rondawels and chalets have two or three beds, a bathroom incl. shower and toilet, a small deck, a fridge and airconditioning. Some do have a kitchen, and some of them have two or even three bedrooms (and annex). Most of the rondawels and chalets have there own barbecue (Braai)!

Food & refreshments in the Kruger Park

You can have a meal in the restaurant of the Kruger Park (if attended) or do what most South Africans do: by your daily shopping like meat, bread, vegetables and wine in the rest camp, including some wood or charcoal and you can startZuid-Afrikaanse Braai ‘braaien’! Remember planning this, requires a bungalow with a kitchenette of kitchen.

Be aware: not all camps do have a restaurant. You can check this thoroughly on the website of SANParks. In case there is no restaurant on the camp, you can light a braai instead whilst there are always fireplaces available.

Depending on location and the type of accommodation in the Kruger Park, an overnight stay will cost an average of 30-60 euro per person.

Extra Costs

Eexept the entrance fee and the price to overnight you have several more costs, such as: gasoline, food, drinks and traffic receipts.

Leeuwen in het Krugerpark - Zuid-AfrikaYou can book extra activities in the Kruger Park such as Game Drives and Walking Safari’s.

sunrise game drive = safari at sunset
sunset game drive = safari at sundowner
afternoon walk = guided walk

It is very easy to reserve a accommodation or activity in the Kruger. You can easily book everything through the official website: SANParks.

When you want to stay in the Kruger Park for one night, but besides that experience the luxury of a own holiday accommodation you can stay in of our accommodation near the Kruger Park.  Homes of Africa offers villas within 40 minutes of the entrance of the Kruger Park (Orpen Gate). Many of our guests visit the Kruger when they stay in the houses of Homes of Africa.

When you have any questions about the Kruger Park or the holiday homes of Homes of Africa don’t hesitate to contact Anne & Pim.

Stay in a villa near the Kruger Park

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