Once you’ve been on safari at the Kruger Park you will always want to come back. Spotting the wildlife is just ‘magical’.’ A common remark after spending your holidays in South Africa. And it’s true……

Read these 5 essential tips for an unforgettable stay in the Kruger Park.

Kruger National Park

1 Explore the park on your own

nDriving is nowhere as relaxed as at in the Kruger Park. Even when you’re behind the wheel, you don’t need to be afraid to miss any wild animal; the maximum driving speed is 50 kilometers (just over 30 miles an hour) and often you will drive slower because of the wildlife (read: zebra’s, giraffes, elephants etc.) you encounter.

You can stop everywhere, however getting out of your car is only permitted at a few places, which has its reasons. Animals such as lions, leopards and hyenas like a piece of you when it comes to it. For the off-road part you don’t need a 4×4 car (though the road can be bumpy. You have as much chance to encounter beautiful things on the paved roads. To orientate yourself you herewith find a map of the Kruger Park


2 Possibilities for a safari

One of the exiting safaris you can partake in is the walking safari, also known as: ‘bush walk’. A bush walk is quite impressive; you enter a world where opposed to humans, the animals rule. One of the guides held a shotgun and was constantly on the lookout, whilst another guide was extensively telling about the animals in the surrounding area.

Note: if you are frightened of spiders, do NOT choose for a ‘bush walk’. In the month of February they are literally everywhere! If so you will feel a lot more at ease choosing the ‘game-drive’, which starts at 5 o’clock in the morning. From the top of a big safari truck (nice and safe) you can see the sunrise and whilst it is not so hot yet, many animals are still active.

3 Sleep in the Kruger Park

If you’d like to spend some more time discovering the Kruger Park, you can choose to sleep in the Park. Situated in the Kruger park, ‘rest camps’ with different types of accommodations. The rest camps are fenced off but ignored by some of the animals. So it is possible to spot, from the terrace of your rondavel ( typical round little house with a thatched roof), a couple of warthogs passing by. Baboons might even be watching you lustfully as you dine or having a ‘braai’ (the African style of having a barbecue).

A traveler who needed to use the bathroom whilst living in a tent could not leave his tent whilst a zebra was blocking his way. The rest camps are generally save but it’s always good to be on the alert.

Practical tip: if you have you booked a rest camp please check what facilities are included. In case you do not want to spend your whole vacation in the basic rest camps of the Kruger Park, you can also enjoy some luxury at one of the holiday homes nearby the Kruger Park.

selfdrive krugerpark zuid-afrika

4 Drive to Olifants Rest Camp

To enjoy the most beautiful view of the Kruger Park it is the best to overnight in the Elephants Rest Camp. From the terrace of the restaurant you overlook the immense elephant river. Somewhere so impressed that they forgot to order a sundowner. Next to the restaurant is a lookout, along with some benches and binoculars you can enjoy the view. Elephants, rhinos and giraffes are regular guests at the river.

When spending your holiday in the villas of Homes of Africa and visiting the Kruger Park this camp is a good stop-off for a nice lunch.

5 Facilities in the Kruger Park

The amount of facilities in the Kruger Park are limited. At the entrance you can refuel, so beware of your petrol level. Having drinks with you is also advised, especially when there’s no rest camp nearby.

Leeuwen in het Krugerpark - Zuid-Afrika

6 (free) sixth tip

Experience the park, the nature, the wildlife and the wonderful panoramas. The ‘golden hour’, when the park is at is most beautiful state, starts at sunrise at around 5:30 am and ends when the sun sets. These are the precious moments of South Africa you will never forget. The opening hours of the Kruger National Park you can find in our information guide which you’ll receive after booking of one of our villas near the Kruger.