Homes of Africa

The idea of Homes of Africa is originated in the wish of Dutch homeowners to have other people sharing in this beautiful Country of South Africa. All houses are privately owned and offered for hire to ‘Homes of Africa’. The villas are featured with a high degree of privacy, an unique location and are comfortable, with a high standard of facilities.


Contact persons

Ina de Korte

Ina will advise and assist you whenever needed. Helping to complete the booking or any queries before hand. Ina has been in South Africa many times and has the knowledge to advise you on a good preparation of your journey ahead and a care-free departure.


Once you arrived in South Africa, the guidance will be in the hands of your personal hostes of the company @Yourservice. Leslie, Diana or Angela are your first person to contact on location and will welcome you with open arms and shows you around in the house and the surrounding area.

Pim Douw

As the owner of Homes of Africa, Pim uses all his online marketingskills to reach as many people as possible to show them the unique houses of Homes of Africa. Both our Social Media as well as the website are his responsibility.

Anne de Korte

With her creativity Anne works continuously on the branding of Homes of Africa. Design, marketing and campaigns, Anne works hard to show Homes of Africa in its best light at potential customers. Together with her husband Pim, she is the owner of Homes of Africa and preparing an overlanding trip trough africa: Off Road Dutchies.

Homes of Africa

Beautiful villas in Hoedspruit


R527, Hoedspruit 1380, South Africa

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(+31) 6 29 22 99 34

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“We stayed at a house of Homes of Africa for the thirth time now and each time we absolutely loved it! The houses are all as beautiful as shown on the pictures on the website. I will definitely not hesitate to book a fourth time!