Nyani Cultural Village tour

Enjoy traditional dance, music and food during the Nyani Cultural Village tour in Hoedspruit – South Africa. Be entertained by African dance and singing, by stories about the history of the African peoples and an explanation how it was to live in a traditional African village during this 1,5-hour long show.

Culturele tour in Zuid Afrika

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Discover the South African traditions at the Nyani cultural village tour

The cultural journey  starts in our village where guests experience our original show  “Limpopo Pathways” featuring the costumes, songs and dances of the San (Bushmen), the Shona & Venda, the Tsonga, the Balobedu (Modjadji the Rain Queen), the Pedi and the BaHananawa (Tswana).  We also include the Swati and Zulu dances as these tribes played an influential part in the history of the Limpopo.

The hour long “theatre” show is designed as an entertainment and educational tool telling the story of the origins, journeys and lifestyles of the tribes that settled in the Limpopo. The show is an exciting venture following the pathways of the tribes from the past to the present.

Following the show (approximately 60 minutes), we introduce all aspects of our Shangaan Village. Interaction and hands on participation are encouraged as guests discover how the huts are built, the maize is ground, the boys pass initiation, the girls learn to bead and more. Here the performers take you on a journey through the stages of life in a Shangaan homestead (Muti). We learn about traditional practices from birth, through childhood up to marriage, after which a delicious lunch is served in the typical African style.


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