Hlokomela is an award-winning HIV and AIDS educational and treatment programme targeting workers, including foreign migrants, in the agriculture, nature conservation and tourism sectors in The Greater Kruger to Canyons area located in Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

hlokomela - Hoedspruit - Aids

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The programme aims to reduce HIV vulnerability through peer education, raising of awareness, prevention and treatment. The project has been running successfully for the past 11 years and is currently rolled out on 71 sub project sites. An estimated 25 000 people are reached annually through the activities of the programme.

Research conducted in January 2008 on 10 farms in the Hoedspruit found that there is a serious HIV epidemic in the area and that workers are highly vulnerable to HIV infection. Researchers found that 29% of workers in the community are infected with HIV, a rate of HIV prevalence that is considerably higher than that for the general population of Limpopo Province. The study found that young farm workers and farm workers, especially unmarried women, young women, women who live away from the farms on which they work, are especially vulnerable to HIV infection.

We support that guests will visit Hlokomela. Hlokomela offers tours please feel free to ask our hosts about this.


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