Blyde River Canyon: Largest ‘green canyon’ of the world

The Blyde River Canyon is a section of the Panorama Route. It’s an enormous chasm consisting of cliffs and rocky plains shaped peculiarly. Taking up most of the space in the chasm is the Blyde River – named after the Dutch word ‘blij’. The remarkable surroundings of the Blyde River Canyon reminds one of the American Grand Canyon. During past centuries, the river has eroded the cliff into steep ridges and a smooth mountain range. The impressive Panorama Route running from Johannesburg to Hoedspruit leads you throughout the stunning lanscape of the Canyon. You’ll pass by the most breathtaking landscapes and vistas, such as Gods Window, The Pinnacle, The Potholes and the Blyde River Dam.

Blyde River Canyon - South Africa

Booking a boat trip on the aligned reservoir is possible. A couple of years ago, the famous Dutch television program, called ‘Wie is de Mol?’, filmed an episode at the Blyde River Canyon. This resulted in several spectacular television images. Watch the episode here.

Three Rondavels

The road at the canyon offers numerous astounding sceneries such as Lowveld View and the spectaculair Three Rondavels. The Three Rondavels are eroded pieces of rock, rise next to the river below, and present an impressive view. The various hiking trails lead from the parking lot to several observation points, where one can witness diverse outlooks on the river, canyon or reservoir at every different overlook. The reservoir allows for boat trips (Blyde Dam Boat Trip), which grants you the alibi to navigate through the Canyon.

Three Rondavels - Blyde River Canyon - South Africa

Accommodations near Blyde River Canyon

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