Kinyonga Reptile Centre: Uncover the wonderful world of reptiles

The Kinyonga Reptile Centre is a 15-minute drive from the villas, and it is a very nice place to visit for someone who likes reptiles. There are different reptiles present in the Kinyonga Reptile Centre, such as crocodiles, lizards and snakes. Experienced handlers will show you some of Southern Africa’s most deadly snakes, including Black and Green Mambas, Boomslang, Mozambiquan Spitting Cobras, Puff Adders and Vine Snakes

The owner of the Kinyonga Reptile Centre, Donald Strydom, is well-known through nature documentaries such as those on National Geographic and Discovery Channel. His enthusiasm for reptiles is very special, and it may be the case that you walk into him during your visit. Donald is very accommodating and most willing to answer your questions. During a visit to the Kinyonga Reptile Centre, you will see the reptiles in their natural habitat. Besides that, you will get the chance to take a picture with one of the harmless snakes; certainly recommended, also with kids!

A wonderful experience to get to know more about reptiles, without taking any risk.

Kinyonga Reptile Centre: More than a zoo…

Besides the activity of  Kinyonga Reptile Centre as a small zoo, Donald’s team also runs a service to capture and relocate “problem” snakes in the area, where there is a conflict between people and reptiles. At present Donald and his team capture and release over 300 problem animals each year. These include snakes, lizards, crocodiles, tortoises, frogs, spiders and scorpions. Once the animal is captured, it is taken along to the Reptile Centre, where it is taken care of. Meanwhile, they look for a new suitable place to set the snake loose in its own wild habitat.

A visit to the Kinyonga Reptile Centre is very worthwhile. With your visit, you sponsor the work of the Kinyonga Reptile Centre: the preservation of reptiles in their own environment.

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