Mpumalanga is one of the provinces with a lot of variety and beautiful nature. The southern half of the famous Kruger Park is in Mpumalanga, a true jewel. However outside the Kruger Park there are plenty of other activities and places in Mpumalanga which are absolutely breathtaking. Would you like to be overwhelmed by the beautiful nature and wildlife? Let’s go! 


Mpumalanga - South Africa‘The place where the sun rises’, is what Mpumalanga means. Before 1994 this province/county was called Transvaal. The current name points out to the location of Mpumalanga. The province/county is located to the east of Johannesburg, there where the sun rises.

Mpumalanga is the smallest province of South Africa. But the size is without a doubt compensated by the diversity of the landscape. It borders to the most famous wild park of the world (Kruger park), has an overwhelming flora and fauna and the oldest system of grots. No less than four billion years ago Antarctica and Madagascar were separated from the Blyde River Canyon. A beautiful landscape remained.

Mpumalanga’s rich history is well noticeable: the ancient floating villages of the Chrissies lake, the rock art of the ancient African population and the gold rush in 1870 come to life in the historical little town Pilgrim’s Rest. Also the natural phenomenon are known for their age-old splendor. For example God’s Window, the Three Rondavels and the three thousand year old Sudwala grots. Mpumalanga is a province full with wildlife, nature and action.

1. God’s Window & the Panorama route

God’s Window is one of the most photographed places on earth, which is no surprise! It has a magnificent view you’ll never forget. God’s Window is part of the world renowned panorama route. From God’s Window you’ve got the most beautiful view you could imagine. You overlook a ravine of 700 meters deep and rainforests, waterfalls and steep rocks.

Panoramaroute - View on Blyde River Canyon

2. The extraordinary waterfalls

The Lone Creek falls, Mac Mac falls, Lisbon Falls and other special waterfalls cause a lovely sound of clattering of water on the rocks. The waterfalls offer you a sense of ultimate tranquility. These amazing phenomena make you wonder whether you are dreaming or not.

3. Walk along the Blyde River Canyon

Blyde River Canyon is a very special wonder of nature. The cliff is a no less 26 km long and about 800 meters deep. This region is part of the Drakensbergen. From here you can enjoy the ‘Three Rondavels’. It is like a dream come true when you’re watching this magic phenomenon. Keep your camera at hand because this is the place where a few holiday pictures are taken that will be framed! Tip: At the three Rondavels you can buy some nice souvenirs.

Blyde River Canyon Panorama Route in South Africa

4. Bourkes Luck Potholes

The Bourke’s luck potholes is a wonderful nature phenomena and the panoramic route and are also known in Africans as kolkgate (potholes). At the Bourke’s luck potholes you can easily walk around on the paved paths and making pictures of the by water shaped cloves. Free tip: go and have some lunch at: Potluck Boskombuis.

5. Sudwala Caves

One of the oldest caves in the world: the Sudwala Caves. Visitors write enthusiastic reviews and describe the Sudwala Caves as: “Incredible spectacular”. The guides offer a lot of information and highlighted this in a special way. There are replicas of dinosaurs and reptiles, that used to live in this area 100 million years ago, in the front garden of the caves.

Over the years little by little these ‘rooms’ where discovered. Especially for those who are interested in history these caves are a must.

6. Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

A well-known rehabilitation and rescue centre for wild animals is Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre.

Moholoholo is located in the village Hoedspruit and offers the possibility to get a guided tour spotting a variety of wild life, like lions, hyenas, cheetahs and a diversity of special species. Moholoholo is a type of sanctuary where wounded or poisoned animals are rescued. The area covers no less than 700 acres of fair game.

The wounded animals that are brought into the sanctuary come from all over South Africa to Moholoholo. The rehabilitation centre is located within a beautiful surrounding at the foot of the Drakensbergen.

As soon as the animals are rehabilitated and healthy, they are taken back home again. An important component of the centre is the breeding project, where endangered animal species (among which the serval) are kept from being extinct. Moholoholo is only a 20 minutes drives away from the holiday homes of Homes of Africa.

Zebra's Kruger Park South Africa7. Kruger National Park

When the Kruger Park is located in a part of the Mpumalanga province, then there is no escape. The best way to end and start your day is to enjoy this wonderful nature park. The Kruger National Park is the most famous wildlife park in the world. The park is about as big as half the size of the Netherlands.

The Kruger Park was eventually set up to protect animals that where threatened with extinction because of hunting.

Enjoy the herd of elephants, lions, leopards, rhinoceros, giraffes and many other majestic species of wild animals. A safari in the Kruger Park is a real must for when you are staying in Mpumalanga! The Kruger Park is only a 40 minutes’ drive from the Kruger Park accommodations of Homes of Africa. So this is the occasion that you can experience the safari independently through this magnificent nature park.

Villa Amanzi: Luxury self catering holiday home in South Africa

8. (free tip:)Holiday Homes of Africa

Last reason set out to Mpumalanga are the affordable villas of Homes of Africa. The villas are located at the Zandspruit Estate in the touristic small village of Hoedspruit, nearby the Panorama Route and the Kruger Park. All the houses do have a private swimming pool and are surrounded by the beautiful South African nature and harmless wild animals, like zebras, giraffes, gnus (wildebeest) etc.

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