What makes South Africa a great choice for wildlife photography? One would probably opine that just because the place is brimming with wildlife parks, photographers have the chance to explore a plethora of opportunities here. However, do let us tell you that it’s also the introduction of the technical innovations and specialized safaris that has bolstered opportunities in this regard.

Changing Trends in “Photography”:

Can they Be Regarded as One of the Potent Reasons behind South Africa Emerging as a Favored Destination for Wildlife Photographers? 

To start off with, let us bring your attention to the fact that photography is no longer a niche pursuit anymore. Thanks to our enviable social media presence, we know now that even those with their “modest” cellphones are increasingly veering towards this pursuit. This particular trend has encouraged a few South African game reserves and tour operators to offer specialized African safaris designed for both amateurs and pros. The presence of the tour guides now means that you are in a position to pursue photographic excellence in a much better fashion. It has particularly come as a boon for novice photographers who are still in the process of discovering the best angles and eventually the iconic images. Do read on in order to know more in this regard. Find out if you have more such opportunities to explore diverse wildlife or not.

What do the Technological Innovations have to do about it? 

Additionally, it’s the recent “explosion” of photographic innovations including BeetleCams and drones that have actually opened up new avenues for photographers as far as startling angles are concerned. While South Africa has been a traditional favorite among wildlife photographers, it’s true that the aforementioned factors have gone on to bolster prospects (of wildlife photography) in a major way.

The Reserves that You Must Check Out while in South Africa

One of the most notable names to have introduced specialized tours (the ones that we have already mentioned in the beginning) is Madikwe Game Reserve. Touted as one of the big 5 Game Reserves – this one is virtually brimming with wildlife against the stunning backdrop of Kalahari Bushveld. You can find the critically endangered African wild dogs along with leopard here. The presence of the endangered species is something which has consistently drawn wildlife photographers in the country. It is actually very important to note that wildlife photography – besides the iconic images is also bringing the “unknown” to the fore— to help others find out that there are species that we don’t really know about! South Africa offers many such opportunities to photographers.

Kasanka National Park is another such name which has kept the wildlife photographers hooked. It spans across 390 square kilometers of miombo woodlands swamp forest, dry evergreen forest and the riverine forest flanking the Congo Basin. The park is actually well-known for its fruit bats that migrate here in the months of November and December and the number literally exceeds 10 million. It has been opined that their cumulative weight even has the power to bring down an entire tree! As a wildlife photographer, you can go on to view them on foot or for that matter choose your favorite spot from among the BBC or NHK hides. Someone has put it very succinctly that even with the introduction of all the drones and devices, the most innovative images have come out from the lens of those who have actually gone to wait for hours in hides to get the perfect snap. And, South Africa is practically teeming with such hides. Why won’t it make it to the top choice of wildlife photographers?

Welgevonden Game Reserve remains an unexplored gem right in the heart of Limpopo’s wondrous Waterberg Region. This one remains one of the Big 5 reserves characterized by plunging valleys, undulations, and luxurious vegetation. There are more than 2,000 plant species that contribute to the stunning landscape. Do check out the Mhondoro Game Lodge here as it serves as one of the favored spots of photographers.

And, how exactly can we actually go on to miss the Terrapin Hide in the North Western province of South Africa? Jaci’s Lodges is known to weave a very creative ambiance. You are welcome here to order drinks and come and go just as you like. This place can actually be dubbed as a treasure trove of wildlife species including leopard, lion, wild dogs and other mixes. Make sure that while you’re in the process of zeroing in on the places – most conducive to wildlife photography, you’re actually keeping this one in your scheme of things.

Winding up 

So, one can well imagine what exactly makes South Africa it to the topmost coveted places for wildlife photographers. Do make sure that you are exploring more such avenues without fail. Let us tell you that if you are an aspiring wildlife photographer you are exploring South Africa (its wide range of game reserves) without fail. Please do ensure that you are leaving no stone unturned to uncover the best that wildlife photography has to ensure. It is very important on your end to ensure that you’re keeping these points in view without fail.

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