We are very proud that we have these luxurious holiday homes in our portfolio. Naturally we want to take good care of these homes, therefore we have put up this list with terms and conditions. Please make sure you read these rules and regulations carefully.

  • General
    These general reservation and rental conditions form part of the rental agreement between you, the lessee, and Homes of Africa, the lessor. By means of your payment you declare to agree with the conditions described below.
  • Liability of the lessor
    Homes of Africa or the home owners are in no way liable for:

    • Any disruption, amendment or prevention of the lessee’s stay if this is the result of unforeseen and / or insurmountable events
    • Injury of the lessee due to the stay in the rented property
    • Loss, theft and damage of / to personal property or vehicles belonging to the lessee.
    • Interruption of utilities. (water and electricity)
    • Shrinking garments by washing in a washing machine and / or dryer
  • Cancellation by the lessee
    A cancellation must be communicated to the lessor by telephone or by e-mail ([email protected]). In case of cancellation, the lessee owes the following to the lessor depending on the time:

    • Cancellation more than 3 months before the start of the rental period: 25% of the rent.
    • Between 3 and 2 months before the start of the rental period: 30% of the rent.
    • Between 2 and 1 months before the start of the rental period: 50% of the rent.
    • Between 1 month and the 7th day before the start of the rental period: 75% of the rent.
    • Within 7 days before the start of the rental period: 100% of the rent.

In the event of cancellation, the lessor is entitled to put the villa on the rental market again or indeed to rent the villa out. If the lessee leaves the villa before the end of the rental period, there will be no refund of the remainder.

  • Cancellation by the lessor
    If the house becomes uninhabitable during or before the stay due to unforeseen circumstances or when it is no longer permitted to rent out the house due to legislation and regulations, the lessor is forced to cancel the lease and the tenant will be informed of this immediately. In addition, a refund will be made within 10 days. In this case, the lessor can never be held liable for compensation for any (consequential) damage and / or inconvenience. Where necessary, the landlord will try to offer an alternative within or outside Zandspruit Bush & Aero Estate within the possibilities.
  • Cleaning and final-cleaning
    The rented holiday home is cleaned after your departure. However, we ask you to please have the following points in order when you leave the villa:

    • The villa is tidy, that is, replace all furniture in the original state.
    • The refrigerator / freezer has been emptied out.
    • All dirty dishes, cutlery and the like are placed in the dishwasher.
    • The fireplace does not have ash in it.
    • The barbecue should be left clean (empty).
    • All windows and doors are closed and locked.
    • The air conditioners and fans are switched off.
    • The trash cans have been emptied and are in the large rubbish bin in the yard.
    • Remove the linen from the bed and put them in the laundry basket or leave it on the bed.
    • Put used towels in the laundry basket.
  • Maximum number of residents
    No more than 6 (or in some villas 8,10) persons can stay in the holiday home unless otherwise discussed with the lessor. If this number is exceeded, the person who welcomes you at the villa, can deny access to the holiday home to these extra persons and a fine of € 500 per person per night must be paid.
  • Linen
    Linen and towels are provided in the holiday home. Upon departure, please remove linen from the beds and place it in the laundry basket in the room. If this is not available, please put the linen on the bed.
  • Electricity
    Please use electricity sparingly. Please turn off fans and air conditioners when leaving the villa.
  • Water
    Water is scarce in South Africa. Keep this in mind and use water sparingly.
  • Smoking
    Smoking is not allowed inside all holiday homes. Be very careful with fire, especially in times of drought.
  • Barbecue/Braai
    Enjoy the barbecue/braai, but make sure everything is safe: think of the fire hazard! Always place a full bucket of water next to the braai and pay attention to the position of the braai relative to the house (thatched roof) and the wind.
  • Arrival and departure
    You may arrive at your holiday home between 10.00 and 19.00. On your arrival day you need to inform @YourService about your estimated time of arrival. Please also notify them if there is a change in arrival time due to circumstances. The meeting point is at the Zandspruit Bush & Aero Estate main gate, on the R527 Hoedspruit. If the lessee does not follow this procedure, the lessor cannot be held responsible for the failure of receiving the keys and access to the villa on arrival.

On your departure day you need to leave the villa at 10.00 latest.

  • Usage and liability
    The lessee are responsible for the correct usage of the holiday home, which entails but is not confident solely to the below:

    • Take precautions and care with fire like candles and the fire place
    • Breakage or missing of items or damage to household items or the house will be replaced at cost of the lessee
    • In case of damage the cost of repair will have to be paid by the lessee
    • Calamities and damage must be reported by the lessee to our contact person on site immediately.
    • Homes of Africa is not responsible for any harm wildlife have been done to our guests.

Please inform yourself before arrival about the rules on Zandspruit Estate:

  • Only high clearance vehicles are permitted in the Wilderness area.
  • No vehicles are permitted to drive off the designated roads.
  • No fires are permitted in the Wilderness area.
  • Do not feed the animals.
  • Cycling, jogging and walking is encouraged in the Wilderness area.
  • Strictly NO driving, cycling, jogging or walking is allowed on the Runway!
  • No drones are allowed.
  • Noise levels, particularly pertaining to volume of music, electronic instruments and entertainment should not cause nuisance to any other resident on the Estate.
  • Speed limit is strictly 30km/h

Happy and harmonious living within the Estate is achieved when residents and guests use the Estate with consideration and respect for the environment and their neighbours!

Dutch Law applies to this agreement.

The use of the Villa, swimming pool and Zandspruit Estate is at your own risk.